of Central Asia

International University of Central Asia
Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan

As one of the former Soviet republics, Kyrgyzstan regained independence in 1991. The university is located in the city of Tokmak (in the Chuy Valley), and is the famous Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai's birthplace according to the legend.

IUCA was founded in 2008. Global Life Enrichment Center has joined forces and undertook the task in 2017.


Embracing American Education System, IUCA provides high quality education to young people from small towns and villages of Kyrgyzstan.

The University recruits quality professors and lecturers from the capital Bishkek. IUCA has eight degree-granting programs covering a range of disciplines that are in demand by students and have potential in the Central Asian region.

  • Linguistics English
  • Linguistics Chinese
  • Pedagogy
  • International relations
  • Information technologies
  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • Law

The university also has a language center and a vocational college.

The Center for Central Asian Languages

It serves students, scholars from western universities, humanitarian workers, and business professionals looking to acquire or improve their proficiency in local languages. At our Center we offer courses in Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Uzbek, Uighur, Tajik, Dungan and Russian languages for international students and for those from Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian countries.

Humanitarian-Technical College - After the 9th grade - 2 years 10 months. After 11th grade - 1 year 10 months,.
It provides full-time training in the following areas:

  • Jurisprudence, qualification:  Lawyer (11th grade)
  • Pre-primary education, qualification: Pre-School Teacher
  • Software computing, qualification: Technician


It is the goal of IUCA to serve Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia by training future generations of leaders and professionals through academic and personal development. All teachers and students to observe the principle of Integrity, strictly guard against bribery in the region. IUCA adheres to the highest ethical standards. Every grade and distinction earned at IUCA is earned honestly. Any certificate or diploma will be the mark of real achievement. Employers know that IUCA is the exception of corruption and place great value on IUCA’s diplomas and credentials, both within Central Asia and around the world.


IUCA is committed to providing a world-class education and strives to provide a learning environment that supports each student’s holistic development (physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual).

Students can be certain that they are being prepared for successful careers in today’s economy and trained as leaders with integrity who positively contribute to society.

Our Need for Human and Financial Resources

Our need for human resource including experienced administrators and personnel, university and professional educators, campus leaders and workers.

Your sponsorship is a key to the success of the operation for the university. Your financial support can contribute toward student scholarships, particular degree programs, or general education fund. Annual university budget is $500,000 US Dollar (USD) (or $2,500,000 for five years). Annual budget for a student is $2,500 USD (including tuition/room and board).

To donate

You may use any of the following methods to support IUCA.

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  3. Giving through credit cards, negotiable stocks/ shares, mutual funds, real estate/properties, life insurances, charitable remainder trusts, or donation by will, please contact our GLEC Accounting Department for more details.

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Global Life Enrichment Center (GLEC) has Undertaken the operation of the International university of Central Asia since 2017. We are a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) tax-exemption organization.

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